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BTM membership

This is a quick note about the procedure for being eligible for the chance getting Wimbldeon tickets via the club.

The clubs allocation is based on the number of BTM's (British tennis members) who are associated with the club and who have opted-in to the Wimbledon ticket ballot in their membership. Thus even if you aren't interested in going to Wimbledon it would help the club to get more tickets if you could join and opt-in.  PLEASE NOTE - you have to opt-in each year, it does not carry on from year to year.

The Deadline for Existing members to opt-in  in 2016 is FRIDAY 19th FEBRUARY.

Can please ask the following of you :-
1) if you are not a BTM currently please could you join up at  
   please link yourself to Willand tennis club and opt-in to the Wimbledon ballot.
Please make a note of your userid and password as you will need them next year.

  If you are a BTM member and haven't opted in to the ballot please could you log on and opt-in.
      If you can't remember your ID or password you can contact the LTA by phone on 020 8487 7000
 This is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm 
  Also Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th February: 10am-3pm 
  Also Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th February: 10am-3pm 

you can also email
I can also email you your BTM number if you want me to

3) if you are a BTM and have opted in then thank you, The club appreciates this.

Benefits of BTM membership includes newsletters and offers. Also if you plan on playing in tournaments you will need a BTM number to enter..

Please note that the Wimbledon ticket allocation will be based on our numbers on 19th February but if possible please opt-in earlier.

Once we know how many tickets we have we will hold  a draw for the tickets but you need to sign up for that in the clubhouse.
Further details will follow in March with more information.

If you have any queries or want to know your current status feel free to get in touch

All the best

Andy Malcolm (Willand tennis club chairman)